SOFTWRX delivers deep access to decision-driving information, providing an “at-a-glance” view into your daily operations. Our suite of applications and customized services integrate into your business processes, empowering management with critical systems information.

SOFTWRX provides your organization with increased analysis and control capabilities, by using a comprehensive and multi-user accounting system based on ISO and QS principals. By utilizing a “drill-down” topology in each inquiry, users can view all or specific transactions that pertain to the top level request. If required, customization may be tailored specifically for your organization.

SOFTWRX leverages the Java platform, thus provides the customer with true multi-processing power in a cross-platform environment.

With a plug-in style approach to data access, the SOFTWRX environment offers numerous options for indexed and relational database management systems (RDBMS) files.

SOFTWRX ensures that you receive the optimum solution that is tailored to your needs and aligned with your business processes.