Retail and POS

SOFTWRX Retail Solutions suite of modules are designed to give your retail operation the razor-sharp edge in the fast-paced retail-store environment.

The highly functional SOFTWRX Point-of-Sale(POS) module ensures that your customers are serviced effectively and efficiently. This retail-invoicing module works effectively in off-line and on-line environments and helps you connect remote retail locations directly to your main system in a LAN/WAN VPN environment. These modules combine seamlessly with the order entry and invoicing module to give you the Retail Industry solution that will make your organisation stand apart from the rest.

SOFTWRX POS leverages technologies and platforms to support all store level activities, enabling timely sales and inventory decisions for quicker turns, higher margins, and improved GMROI - day after day, season after season.

All SOFTWRX Store Operations & POS solutions are built on industry standard technologies designed to manage all user requirements and ensure complete flexibility when determining the best ways to service customers. These solutions are inherently scalable, adaptable, extensible, flexible, easy to use, and affordable. When deployed within an ever-changing multi-channel environment, they reinforce consumer confidence and encourage a positive perception of the store's brand. Configuration tools make it easy to customize to meet each channel's specific needs.