Our Beginning

In 1982, assigned with the task of developing innovative and reliable accounting software solutions for an International corporation, the founders realized that solid working solutions were simply non-existent.

SOFTWRX provides your organization with increased analysis and control capabilities. A total multi-user accounting system based on ISO and QS principals. Supporting multi-location warehousing/departmental locations , bar code scanners and printers, thin client for your remote branch locations, vpn support, and, additional software customization may be obtained to tailor each package specifically for your organization. So many unique features are available throughout each system utilizing a “drill-down” topology in each inquiry. This will allow the user to view all or specific transactions which pertain to the top level request.

Another outstanding feature is the ability to store reports in Adobe or other document storage system for future retrieval.

You cannot afford to work in a box ignoring the way technology is changing the face of business, neither does SOFTWRX.

See how SOFTWRX systems can provide your organization with a solid migration path well into the future while protecting your investment.

Our Mission

“Our team of individuals are confident, competent, and fully engaged. We believe in the standards of excellence and are dedicated to providing solid software alternatives with evolutionary solutions to the business community.”

John C. Jackson, CEO

Mr. Jackson has over thirty years of progressive experience in the development, management, and improvement of complex software systems, software and network architectures, processes, and environments. This experience includes all aspects of organizational change management, process improvement, process assessment, process definition and modeling, workflow implementation, and managerial responsibilities. Additionally, Mr. Jackson works with both industry and consulting in the performance of Software Capability Evaluations, custom application development, software process improvement, and acquisition process improvement.

In 2005, Mr. Jackson completed a custom retail (POS) system and automated scripts for (14) fourteen outlets, and coordinated the communications. As a consultant for various companies and industries, Mr. Jackson’s involvement has provided him with many opportunities in systems integration and EDI, provided Internet services and managed VPN networks for various Health-Care organizations, manufacturing companies, and advertising companies.

In 1988, Mr. Jackson was employed by Teksid Aluminum Foundry, a division of FIAT, as the IT Manager. One of the many projects led by Mr. Jackson was an innovative quality assurance program which collected real-time data from the shop floor utilizing heat sensing pyrometers to detect potential defects at the time of the casting of automotive cylinder heads. Other innovative projects were the design and implementation of fiber optics throughout the manufacturing facility for voice and data. Teksid Aluminum opted to scrap their legacy system and license from Mr. Jackson the “IMAS” system which is still utilized today encompassing stringent combination of MRP/ERP reporting. The versions of “IMAS” provided management with immediate financial and manufacturing information un-paralleled in the industry. In addition, Mr. Jackson developed their 5/7/10 IT growth strategy and budgets, deployed their disaster recovery plan, and incorporated many of the QS9000 procedures within the software.

While serving as IT Manager for Teksid, Mr. Jackson started Uni-Matrix, company which served as a VAR for HP and IBM mid-range systems. Uni-Matrix was then approved for exporting high-end technology systems to Mexico, Italy, and Brazil, for the deployment of the “IMAS” system to accommodate other Teksid Facilities. Mr. Jackson was instrumental in creating the PETA documents (NAFTA) used by Teksid in the construction of a new facility in Mexico.

Mr. Jackson applied and obtained his first patent & copyright in 1985, for the development of “IMAS” manufacturing accounting system on the Unix Platform. The system has since evolved to both thin-client technology for LAN/WAN’s and graphical environments supported on various platforms and migrated over into the wholesale and retail industries. Many of the principals and concepts which Mr. Jackson deployed throughout the software, are in the forefront of applying technology to conducting business today.